About Bonaire

Bonaire is located about 50 kilometers from Curacao and 80 miles north of Venezuela. The island is about 38 kilometers long and between 5 and 11 kilometers wide. The average air and water temperature is 84F. Every year there is about 55 inches of rain and the humidity is 76%. Throughout the entire year the sun is shining. Bonaire has about 12-hour sunlight per day!

The island of Bonaire has the reputation of being an environmentally conscious island. Like the sea around Bonaire, large parts of the island are protected by law. Over the years it became a tradition for many generations to understand the importance of preserving the nature on Bonaire. The mangrove with its function as a nursery of the reef is a good example.

Bonaire is also known as "Divers Paradise" or "Shore Diving Capital of the World". This is for a reason! Bonaire is world famous for its beautiful colorful reefs, healthy marine life and the fact that almost anywhere you can dive from the shore. Divers on Bonaire are therefore not bound to a boat with fixed schedules. The choice of dive sites is enormous, ranging from very easy to moderately difficult dives at for example the east coast. Bonaire has over 80 dive sites. There are steep walls, sloping reefs, double reefs and two interesting wrecks.


Because Bonaire's Marine Park is protected each diver and snorkeler needs to pay a $25,- contribution for a tag. This tag is valid for one year. With this tag you can also explore Washington Slagbaai National Park for free.

This park is located in the north of the island and consists of two former plantations, Washington and Slagbaai, together consisting of a total area of ​​14,000 hectares. Once salt and coal was gained here and aloe vera and divi-divi trees were cultivated. There were also bred goats to export to Europe and Curacao.

The last owner of the Washington Park was Julio "Boy" Herrera. He sold the plantation after his death to the government with the wish that it would serve as a nature reserve. A wish that was fulfilled in 1969. In 1977 the Slagbaai plantation joined the area .

Besides diving and enjoying nature, many people celebrate their holiday on Bonaire to go windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain biking, kayaking and many other activities. In short Bonaire has something for everyone!