"Wanapa Lodge Bonaire - Promo Video"

Watch this great promotional video about Wanapa Lodge Bonaire, shot by the crew of the most popular television show in the Netherlands "Boer Zoekt Vrouw International", and get a good impression about the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of our lodge situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Bonaire.

"Holiday on Bonaire, Wanapa Lodge"

People visiting Bonaire for its nature will love the setting and vistas of this small-scale lodge. Built in traditional Antillean country house style, "Landhuis Wanapa" offers its discerning guests a great place to find tranquility and take a break from hectic life back home.

"Bonaire, Dutch Antilles"

Welcome to Bonaire, Dutch Antilles! The relaxed atmosphere, the hospitable islanders and the magnificent environment guarantee an unforgettable holiday. Video by TCBEurope

"Mangrove Forrest on Bonaire"

Bonaire's mangrove forests are an incredible place to snorkel. The mangroves are sometimes referred to as the nursery of the ocean. Video by TCBEurope

"Scuba Diving at Alice in Wonderland on Bonaire"

The spectacular view of Alice in Wonderland can be enjoyed both topside and underwater. Beautiful fish of all colours inhabit this site. And the colourful flora is well worth the dive as well. Video by TCBEurope